Story of a Lovatic
Dreams are made to come true.
Before you judge me remember:
"You know my name,not my story. You know what I've done, not what I've been through."
Stay strong Little Lovatics!
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Abuse:I know it is hard to believe at the moment, but please know that it was not your fault. You did not and do not deserve to be hurt. You deserve the very best. If you haven't told anyone about what happened, please think about it. Talking about it, even just to a tumblr follower will help you in the long run.
Post traumatic stress disorder:If you have nightmares and flashbacks about your past, it's ok. It doesn't mean that you are weak, not at all, it just means that your brain is having trouble coping with what happened and is trying to find a way to. Talking to someone about what happened will help you. It won't be easy and it will take time, but eventually it willl fade away with help.
Rape:It was not your fault. He/she had no right to take advantage of you. You never asked for it. It wasnt because of what you were weariing or how much you drank...if you never said yes its not consensual. If you couldnt stop the person that doesnt mean you were weak or deserved it. You aren't alone. I am here for you.
Anxiety:Its ok to be not ok. Being anxious doesn't make you weak. Just remember to take deep breathes and try to meditate. It's going to be ok. I am here for you.
Self Harm:I know how hard it is to deal with the urges to cut or hurt yourself in some way. Please know that I am here for you whenever you need someone to talk to. You don't need to hurt yourself. You dont deserve pain. You are amazing. i hope one day you believe me.
Eating disorders:No matter what size jeans you wear, you are beautiful. The number on the scale does not determine your worth. Food is fuel for your body, just like cars need gas your body needs food. Food wont make you fat ugly disgusting or anything negative. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are worthwhile. You are important.
Depression:Unable to get out of bed today? that's ok. Just curl up with a blanket and snuggle under your sheets. You are ok. Even the darkest nights will end. You can't see rainbows without a storm, but this storm will pass. I am proud of you just for being alive. If you were able to get out of bed, i am proud of you. If you stayed in your pjs all day, i am proud of you. If you tried to smile but couldn't I am proud of you. If you managed to smile, I am proud of you.
Suicidal:I know it is hard. I know you are struggling. But I promise you it will get better. Maybe not tomorrow or next year, but eventually your life will turn around. I am so proud of you for being alive when you feel all hope is lost. Please never give up. You deserve to live. I am here for you. Please never give up, not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever. Talk to someone and let them help you. You are so worthwhile. I love you. You are not alone.



I swear, when I’m a dad, my wife is gonna get like 0 time with my kids. My God, I can’t wait to be a father.

I think that is the cutest thing i have ever heard a guy say

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Losing weight don’t:
1: Make you prettier. Thin is not always beauty. Not always prettier.
Less of food cause a lot of problems with your body. When your hair fall out. Become thinner and weaker. Isn’t beauty, it’s an illness.
2: Make you feel better. It make you feel worse
3: Make you…

"It’s the blood that triggers me, to feel.
It’s the life, that keep me going.
It’s the blood in me, to keep me alive.
And the people, that makes me wanna die. “

"I really want to feel I’m alive. That the air that I breath is full of oxygen.
The blood is just red, not black, like my feelings turn in.
That I will find the reasons to overcome my urges for the thing that keep me in balance or better said. Keep me alive.”

"It sound really depressed and believe me, I don’t feel nothing at all right now and I’m laying in bed, tired, with a headache. But I can’t sleep. No emotions, no feeling. Just me. Just the one you hated that much, faced in the mirror. You see a smile, but I just see nothing. And I’m sure tomorrow will shine, but it’s empty. Not depressed, but empty. Empty and confused."

The Six Word Love Story #69 (via thesixwordlovestory)

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I’m afraid I’m easy to forget.
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